Domestic Assault Charges?

A domestic assault charge can tear your life apart.  Suddenly, you’re forced out of your home, you can’t contact your family, and you may have no way of seeing your children.  You’re forced to live somewhere else under stringent conditions.  This new place may be with a friend or family member.  Alternately, you may be forced to rent a place of your own.  Now, not only are you responsible for household financial obligations, you also have to pay rent for where you’re staying.  Add to this stress the fact that you now have to deal with a criminal charge of domestic assault.  Though you want to put this behind you quickly, you also want to ensure that the domestic assault charge is dealt with effectively.  In a situation like this, you need someone who will listen to you and act in your best interest.  I invite you to go through this website and then, when you are ready, call me at 416-410-4838 to see what we can do put this domestic assault charge behind you in the best manner possible.

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“I leave nothing to chance in the defence of my clients.” Tushar K. Pain LL.B.

Professionalism, personable, patience, integrity and excellence are all words to describe how Tushar handled my case.–Terry,Vaughan

At the trial, your approach and your strategy amazed me. You left me in awe when the charges were dismissed part way through your cross examination of the plaintiff.–W.Z., Toronto

To view the rest of my testimonials click here.–Tushar Pain