Charged with Domestic Assault?

Facing a Domestic Assault Charge?

Being charged with domestic assault can be a jarring experience.  In a flash, you’re arrested, put in a police cruiser and taken down to the police station.  Suddenly you find that you’re going to be held in jail until your bail hearing.  You find yourself in a setting with a bunch of people you know you don’t belong with.  It can be a frightening experience.  Especially since you don’t know what to expect.  Eventually, you get released but you’re no longer allowed to go home or communicate with your family because of the outstanding domestic assault charge.  Being charged with domestic assault can certainly be a traumatic experience.  Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.  Now you have to endure the process.  This site has been created to help you understand the situation you now face.  I am a dedicated criminal defence lawyer and have been practicing law for nearly two decades.  Go through the site and when you are ready, call me at 416 410 4838.

I will gladly discuss your domestic assault case with you.

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