Domestic Assault – Do Not Plead Guilty

You’ve Been Charged with Domestic Assault – So Now What?

Being charged with domestic assault typically means you’ve been barred from returning home and your life has been turned upside down.  In such circumstances you may feel the pressure to plead guilty at the earliest opportunity just to get the matter over with.  But there are ways you can help yourself.  The facts of any criminal case are always the most important component of it.  Therefore it is important to preserve those facts and be able to have ready access to them.  So, what’s the best way to do that?  You do that by committing your memory to writing.  This is a very important exercise and you should do it as soon as you can.  It is best if you do it on a computer word processing program such as Word.  The reason for this is simple:  As you start to record your memory you will undoubtedly remember other details.  By using a word processor, you will have the ability to go back and add those details or correct your mistakes.  Paper and pen don’t allow for this and final product might turn out to be messy or illegible.  The other benefit to using a word processor is that you can easily provide a copy to your lawyer while maintaining one for yourself.  Start the document by typing “Private and Confidential – To My Lawyer” at the top.  This will protect it from being used against you in court should it fall into the wrong hands.  Of course, you should also ensure that the document will be stored securely and unavailable to others.  You should then record in as much detail as possible, as many of the circumstances as possible.  This includes the details of what happened on the night in question as well as any relevant history regarding your relationship with the complainant that you believe your lawyer should be aware of.  Do not forget to include the details of your involvement with the police on the date of your arrest for domestic assault.  Don’t be worried about putting in too much detail.  Anything that is irrelevant can always be ignored but if you leave something out that might be useful to your case it may never be discovered by your lawyer.  Don’t be self-conscious about your writing skills and don’t let this stop you from completing this very important exercise.  Your domestic assault lawyer is concerned about getting the facts – not your writing style.  There are two reasons for completing this exercise.  Firstly, the more details you can provide your lawyer in an organized manner, the better able he or she will be to accurately assess your case and provide you with a meaningful opinion.  The second reason is that your case might proceed to trial and that trial may not be for many months down the road.  By recording your memory in this manner, you will have preserved your account of what happened and be able to refresh your memory at the appropriate time, should it be necessary.  Try to complete this exercise before your first visit to your lawyer.  It is an important step.  Then, hire an experienced domestic assault lawyer.

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